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canvas wall tents and camping gear


Wall Tents

Wall Tents are the most popular style of canvas tents. They are large, accommodating and very durable.

Porch/Cook Shacks

Porches and Cook Shacks are "addons" to be used in conjuction with a wall tent to provide extra space.

Spike/Range Tents

Spike/range tents are generally smaller than wall tents. They are lighter in weight and less expensive.

Additional Tents

Additional canvas tents that don't fall under the wall tents and/or spike/range tents categories.

Tent Accessories

Floors, flys, screen doors, dividers, etc. View all Tent Accessories

View Accessories by Manufacturer: Cylinder Stoves  |  Montana Canvas  |  Reliable Tent

When backcountry camping or hunting, it is important to have a durable canvas tent that will stand up to years of use. We are proud to offer several different types of canvas tents, including wall tents, porch/cook shacks, spike tents, range tents and more. All of the tents that we offer are made with the highest workmanship and quality materials.


Factors to consider when purchasing a tent

1. It is highly recommended that you purchase a fly with your tent. The benefits of it far outweigh not getting one. It will protect your tent from wicking/leaking when it is touched after any moisture is on it. It also protects against sparks from your stove and UV rays deteriorating your canvas. Keeps pitch and sap off your tent. And lastly a fly will create air space between the roof and fly which adds insulation to the tent keeping you warmer.

2. We recommend a back door or window for cross ventilation when it is hot outside. Being in a tent without ventilation is pretty miserable during the hot summer months.

3. When purchasing a tent and deciding on two different sizes of tent we recommend going with the larger size. Usually people are disappointed that their tent purchase was too small not too large. That way you will have all the added room you need for luggage or storage in your tent.

4. When buying your tent consider all the options or features of the tent. It is much easier to add an option when first purchasing the tent so that it can be added right into the tent while being made. If you decide later you want an option on your tent it is much harder to add to it after you have received your tent.

5. Zippered door vs. tie door. The zippered door will do a lot better in cold conditions because it does not allow air in the tent. A tie door will allow more air in the tent.

6. Canvas tents are not made to the exact size that is specified when ordering. An example is a 12x14 tent might actually be 11'6" x 14'6" because the rolls of canvas can differ by three or four inches. Most of the time the tent will run smaller than the listed size. The actual size of the tent is called the "finish size". Our tents are NOT listed in finish size. Montana Canvas tents however are all within 1" of the mentioned size making them the closest to the exact size you are buying.

7. The height of a canvas wall tent wall is 5' however once it is cut it might run 4' 7". This again is referring to the "finish size" of the wall. So keep this in mind when ordering your tent.

Wall Tent Stoves

Heavy Stoves

These stoves are built using thicker steel and are generally larger in size. Very durable and long lasting.

Light Stoves

These stoves are built using thinner steel to save on weight. Easy to transport and still heats sufficiently.

Collapsible Stoves

These stoves are built with thinner steel and can be collapsed to make them much smaller for storing.

Stove Accessories

Water tanks, side shelfs, pellet burners, ovens, stovepipe, dampers, spark arrestors, etc.

View all Stove Accessories

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Cylinder Stoves  |  Kni-Co  |  Kwik Kamp
Riley Stoves  |  Sims Stoves

Hunters and campers alike have been using wood burning camp stoves for years to keep warm and dry. Also known as wall tent stoves, hunting stoves, barrel stoves or sheepherder stoves, these type of stoves have proved to be useful for a variety of reasons such as heating, cooking food, boiling water, and drying clothing/shoes. They are very durable and will last many years if treated properly.


Family owned Outfitter Warehouse is your online source for high quality Canvas Wall Tents, Tipis, Wood Camp Stoves, Tent Frames, and Accessories. We are an authorized dealer of the top tent manufacturers in the industry, including Cylinder Stoves, Montana Canvas, and Reliable Tent. We also carry a prominent line of Wood Burning Camp Stoves from manufacturers such as: Cylinder Stoves, Kwik Kamp, Kni-Co, Riley Stoves, and Sims Stoves.

Our mission at Outfitter Warehouse is to supply our customers with the absolute best camping experience. We do this, by providing our customers with the best products and service possible. Our goal is to ensure that you, as the customer, get the products you need at the best possible prices. Whether it is an overnight activity with family and friends, to a multi-week high-country adventure; we are committed to helping our customers select products that will fit their particular camping needs. Not only are we known for providing top name brand products at excellent prices, we also have extensive knowledge and experience in the outdoor camping/hunting industry, which means that your passions are our passions, and we are dedicated to providing you with the best products as well as the best service.

We supply an array of tent sizes ranging from 8’ X 10’ to 18’ X 23’. The fabric weight ranges from 10oz -12oz heavy duty canvas. The environmental resistance ranges from Natural to Water, Mildew, and Fire Resistant. We also supply Porch and Cook Shacks as well as Spike and Range Tents.

We also have Heavy Stoves, Light Stoves and Collapsible stoves. We sell numerous stove accessories including; water tanks, side shelves, ovens, stovepipe, dampers, etc. All of our stoves are very durable and will last many years if they are treated properly.

Outfitter Warehouse wishes you the best in all of your outdoor adventures!